In addition to being a videographer from time to time I also sub in as an actor. Acting is the true reason I was originally drawn to the film making process and from there I essentially fell in love with it. Today I have acted in a number of short films and ads ranging from film contests, to commercial advertisements. See my profile pictures and some of my work below.

Hot Listing – Short 2018

Host Listing was a short made for the 2018 48 Hour Film festival in San Francisco. We won the best use of prop award and had a great time making the film despite have a director with 0 experience and being extremely hard to work with.

No Time for Tears – Short 2016

Made in 2016, this was one of my first films ever. It was rushed for my film production class, thus I wrote it, as well as directed and acted in it. I am still proud of some parts of the edit and cinematography work.